Music: Geri Ashberry, Bo
Lyrics: Geri Ashberry

If there's a reason
Why the earth spins around the sun
That is the reason
Why I'm lost in you

Nothing is over
Even if there's an eclipse
That's just the moment
Before I see your face again

'Cause I know your light
Shines brightly in my world
Even when I'm standing
A million miles away
And I know your love
Erases all my pain
Every night I long for
Your kisses and embrace

I know the sadness
That comes when people say "good-bye"
Let us be crazy
And remain at "hello"

The stars are shining
Only because you are watching
It's a good reason
If I believe it is true

I can see the stars
Shine brightly in the sky
Like a map, they show me
The road that leads me home
And I know your love
Is radiant and true
Everything is so perfect
When I'm shining with you

© Geri Ashberry. All rights reserved.