Someday When You Grow Up

Someday When You Grow Up
Music: Matsuo Remi
Lyrics: Geri Ashberry, Matsuo Remi
Lyric cover of "大人になったら" by Glim Spanky

When the sun goes down today
And again, we'll be preparing near this road
Even though the nights are getting cold

'Cause we have this dream
And it doesn't matter that we get no sleep tonight
It's okay, 'cause we got music inside

Isn't it true? This is what we believe in
And we'll never ever give it up
So we're still singing for you

The first train starts from the station
I'm slowly walking home
Another sunrise, the moment when the city awakes

I could say “good morning” but the people are rushing
To somewhere they were told to be
How I wish that I could be a kid again

But I can't play innocent, I can only play guitar
I didn't know that there are real and fake lights
Left, right, up, and down, I felt so lost with all the bright lights

But suddenly I learned to ignore them
And so I found my voice
If you could just listen, 'cause music gives you love and joy

Ah, you don't care about this song
You don't know and you don't need rock 'n roll
Living the same life, pretending that you'll change tomorrow
Let us play this song for you
With our hearts and with our bare hands
Maybe someday when you grow up, you will understand

No more Ray-Ban's and no more music stores
Where did they go? How come they've disappeared?
But every block I find a Seven-Eleven, oh oh

The little girl standing right there
With her beautiful eyes
She's dreaming of a better tomorrow, a better life

© Geri Ashberry. All rights reserved.