Take Me Home

Take Me Home
Music: Tsuji Shion
Lyrics: Geri Ashberry, Tsuji Shion
Lyric cover of "Take Me Home" by Tsuji Shion

Do you know the reasons that you are living for?
Do you know the places that you are searching for?
I don't have the answers
And every time I ask my friends
They shake their heads and say: “It's a dead end”

Once again I'm alone walking in the night
All I have is my old guitar by my side
I just want to feel safe
But everyone smiles and goes away
I really need to put my loneliness somewhere someplace

Take me home, nobody's home
I know, I know I'm rocking my soul
I've got no one to love me
Take me home, nobody's home
I know, I know I'm losing myself
Just take me away
You take me away

Do you know the dream that I'm living for?
Do you know the home that I'm searching for?
I don't think it's nonsense
But nobody tries to understand
I only want to put my happiness in your hands

Every time my world had just crashed, my heart was breaking
And there was you
Telling me there is nothing better than me singing my songs
Ah, I am lost, I can't find my way home
So take me to somewhere we belong

© Geri Ashberry. All rights reserved.